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by Tsodokov/ for Opera News, Feb 13, 15

The performing skills of the participants in this premiere were very high; the Orchestra and Chorus of the Mariinsky Theatre proved excellent. All groups of instruments, including the brass, which are assigned a significant role in the score in the choral episodes, sounded harmoniously. Power was felt in this music-making. To a great extent this was due to the skills of the conductor Roman Leontiev. Tsodokov Eugene.

by Khazdan/ for Mariinsky Theatre, Feb 13, 15

The Orchestra of the Mariinsky Theatre under the direction of Roman Leontiev picked up the phrases carefully with soloists or chorus revealing a consolidated line thematically and dynamically. Eugene Khazdan.

by Yepishin/ for Mariinsky Theatre, 13 Feb, 15

The lion's share of success should be given to the conductor Roman Leontiev, under whose guidance the Mariinsky Theatre Symphony Orchestra sounded rich and colourful, with the necessary vividness of differentiated timbres and groups of instruments - in full accordance with the author's intentions. Alexander Yepishin.

by Taimanova/ for Mariinsky Theatre, Feb 13,15

Valery Gergiev, hearing about this idea, offered the choir and orchestra of the Mariinsky Theatre to the direction of the young conductor Roman Leontiev and to choirmaster Andrei Petrenko, with guest soloists and a choir of boys and young men, to realize the world premiere (so far, only a concert performance) of the opera in "Mariinsky -3". This bold interesting next step of the artistic director of the Mariinsky Theatre attracted listeners to this unique premiere. Irina Taimanova.

by Raiskin/ for Mariinsky Theatre, Feb 13, 15

Roman Leontiev was at the conductor's rostrum for the premiere. He withstood this serious test very successfully, keeping a strong grip on this powerful creative team. This was particularly evident in the sound of the choral and orchestral tuttis, in the single phrasing of all instruments and (I am not afraid to say so) it was powerfully driven. And the conductor very delicately reacted with the soloists, giving them maximum freedom whilst tempering the orchestra, allowing a zone of creative comfort for all the musicians ...

STEVE GLADSTONE ON FEBRUARY 04, 2012. Miamyartzine

Leontiev, who has conducted the leading orchestras of Russia...navigated Mahler’s score with the adept and nimble TSPSO, delivering the precision, skill and emotion required of this peerless work. The audience’s enthusiastic standing O confirmed this.


Leontiev conducted the lushly descriptive work with passion, focus, a clear beat, strong pacing and strong cues. He also had an eye for the dramatic possibility. If he could push the tempo, as he did for the final section, the result was electrifying. If it was to use the occasional bar or beats of silence to effect, he'd build to that moment with intensity.

by D.S. Crafts / For the Journal on Sun, Mar 11, 2

…Conductor Roman Leontiev seemed to revel in the lush and impressionist orchestral sonorities, full of rich texture and color. Taken mostly from the last part of the ballet, the second suite concludes with the Danse generale, led by Leontiev with a driving fury and breathtaking culmination from this gigantic ensemble. The two outstanding flutists were not listed by name in the program...

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Mahler: Symphony no 5 in C sharp minor



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